The Natural DHT Blockers that Stop Hair loss

 What are the DHT blockers?                      

The full form of the acronym DHT is the dihydro testosterone, and its formation is blocked by the DHT blocker, which later results in the excessive hair loss. The dihydro testosterone, is really important in order to ensure the stoppage of hair loss, but the DHT blocker stops the flow or blood supply to the hair follicles, which ensure the growth and nourishment of new hair with the help of natural oil and stimulants. In order to stop or prevent the hair loss because of the DHT blockers, it is very important to stop or limit the production of DHT, else they will keep on preventing the hair follicles to perform their function effectively or efficiently.

The DHT Blocker Foods

It is true to say that the mother nature has a solution to almost all the problems, which are mostly caused by the consumption or exposure to their artificial foods and things. Similarly, there are some really amazing foods, which can help in preventing the hair loss because of the DHT blockers. The almonds are said to be an excellent source of reducing DHT blockers, because they have L-lysine and it helps in fighting against the DHT blockers. Therefore, it is advised to eat a handful of almonds daily, if someone wants to get rid of the hair loss problem.

The biotin, which is found in the egg yolks is responsible for limiting the DHT blockers, which end up attacking the hair follicles. Moreover, egg yolks are also considered as a good source of fatty acids, which eventually help in the growth of hair.

Always try to consume foods, which are rich in zinc such as the kale. This is because, zinc helps in stopping the conversion of testosterone to the DHT blockers, which then stop the problem of hair loss. The other food items that help in reducing or finishing the DHT blockers are carrots, cashews, mangoes,pecans, watermelon and a lot more. All of these items can be considered as the natural DHT blockers, therefore, they are completely harmless.

The other Sources of the DHT Blockers

Apart from the natural food items, which are considered as the DHT blockers, there are other sources too, which serve as the DHT blockers and some of them are discussed in this article. As the world is rapidly changing, the dermatologists have developed some DHT blocker shampoos, which actually help in decreasing the hair loss, which is caused by the DHT blockers. Such shampoos tend to have some necessary proteins and vitamins, which help in reducing the DHT blockers, such as the vitamin B6 and biotin. Both of the protect the hair from damaging by increasing the production of cells in the scalp, which later help in strengthening the hair follicles. Also, try to buy shampoos, which have tea tree oil, Pygeum, zinc, rosemary oil and niacin in them. All of these things help in fighting against the problem of hair loss, caused by the DHT blockers. Also, there are some DHT blocker pills and vitamins available in the market, which help in preventing the hair loss.