The Cure of Baldness

Baldness is a common condition in men and women when they reach to a certain age of middle and late adolescence. There are different treatments available for baldness. Baldness cure is a matter of concern for all who have lost all their hair and they want new hair.  A large number of population also do not want hair transplant because of its painful process.

However, medication such as Drug ruxolitinib is famous for stimulating regrowth of hair on full head within an immediate period of four months. Patients with alopecia have experienced restoration of hair growth by using this product. Columbia University Medical center has reported that 75 % of people suffering with alopecia have seen amazing results by using this product which proves that it is appropriate treatment.

There is no doubt that environmental factors, bad health, and unbalanced diet can cause hair baldness, but a gene is also another important cause behind this condition. X chromosome is main Baldness gene that a person receives in inheritance. It is a research based fact that most men receive this gene from their mothers and fathers.

Scientists are working to find other baldness treatment. Japanese firm has also started working to cure baldness through stem cell.  American and Japanese are two inhabitants that suffer with hair loss with greater number than any other nation. Whether it is a male or female all suffer with hair loss and strive to regain their beautiful hair. The new effective treatments of Baldness hair are ensuring that the patients soon discharge from worries and have a good texture hair on their head.

There are a number of hair remedies that range from mild to extensive treatment. The cost also based on intensity of hair loss varies with the results different treatment produce.  Many wear hair wigs and waves to hide their baldness while other prefers using creams and surgery for natural hair growth. Here are various Baldness treatments available in the market.

  1. Topical Creams
    Minoxidil is a famous cream that restores hair growth in people with heredity hair loss condition. The direction of cream is easy as the only requires direct application on the scalp. Another cream Finasteride is a medicine available in pill form. It is only for men and not recommended for women.
  2. Anti-Inflammatory medications
    One of the danger of creams and lotions is that it is harmful for sensitive skin. They can damage follicle or can cause inflammation. Many medications are for catering this issue and bringing anti-inflammatory conditions.
  3. Surgeries
    Surgeries are more applicable for men than treating baldness in women. They go for hair transplant treatments which include grafting procedure. 15 hairs per disc-shaped grafted to another part of head in the process of sugary. The side effects of this treatment are swelling and headache.
  4. Natural therapies
    Alternative and natural therapies are also very helpful in regrowth of hair. Chinese herbs and vitamin supplements produce good results. Acupuncture is a painful process but many prefer it because it is natural.

The Cure of Baldness