Receding Hairline: Signs, Treatment, and Solutions

Receding Hairline is a very common problem now a day. It is a kind of continuous hair loss. This problem is more familiar in men as compared to women. It starts with thinning of hair on both sides of the forehead. There are several factors due to which receding hairline occurs. Genetics is playing very important role in this regard. This problem mainly begins at an age of 19 – 20 years. Further, we are going to discuss Receding Hairline: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment.

Receding hairline in women is much less as compared to men. There are different types of receding hairline styles. The main reason of receding hairline is dihydrotestosterone or simply you can say DHT. It is a hormone that behaves as sex hormone in males. Finally when dihydrotestosterone outlives its usefulness then it causes different side effects. One of the main side effects is hair growth inhibition.Well, it’s not a big deal you can simply adopt Receding Hairline Hairstyles to change your boring look and take advantage of this problem.

There are different receding hairline signs. Most people ask that how to identify receding hairline. Here are some simple steps that you should do in order to identify whether you are suffering from receding hairline or not.

  • Comb your hair in the back direction of your head over the crown with the help of a tooth comb, also known as adental Smoothly hold your hair in this position and observe your hairline on both sides of your forehead. Look if above both temples a horseshoe shape hairline is receding and reducing towards the middle. This is a common pattern of receding hairline in men.
  • This is avery easy method. Simply, with one hand touch the hairs on the sides of your head and with other hand touch the hairs which are between temples. If you feel that the hairs between your temples are thin or less as compared to those on sides then this definitely means that you are going to suffer from Receding hairline problem.
  • You can take aphoto of yourself with camera or computers etc with your hair pinned in the backward direction above your head and compare this photo with your previous photos and observe whether your hairline’s peak is changed or not.

Receding Hairline

There are different receding hairline treatments like:

Controlled Stress:

Stress is the main cause of receding hairline. Stress effect our systems and definitely disturbs the natural growth of your hairs. Studies show that up to 40% hair loss in men is due to stress. So by managing your stress you can avoid this problem.

Healthy Diet:                                                       

Our body requires vitamins to perform a necessary action and mainly for growth. So you must ensure that you are providing the necessary amount of vitamins to your body.  You can simply do this by eating healthy foods.

There are some other receding hairlines cures like:

  • Avoid hairstyles that require pullback of your hairs.
  • Applying massages for scalp
  • Don’t use anexcess amount of hair chemicals.
  • Recommended medicines.