Male Pattern Baldness: Causes, Identification & Prevention 

Male Pattern Baldness is known as the common hair loss condition in male gender. The genes and sex hormones relates with this condition. Hormones and genetic predisposition makes hair thin. Follicle shrinks and brings short and fine hair.  Follicle itself does not play any part in growing hair, but alive condition of follicle indicates that there is a possibility of hair growth.  The hair pattern changes in U shape around hair sides.
Male Pattern Baldness cure is available if you want to change your appearance. The least expensive ways of cure is application of hair pieces, hair waving, and changes in hair styles. There is treatment through medication.

Minoxidil is applied on the hair scalp for stimulating hair follicles.

Finasteride fights with the form of testosterone and slows down hair loss. Dutasteride work in the same way as Finasteride, but is more effective than it.

All of these t Male Pattern Baldness treatments results new hair growth, but hair starts falling when you stop taking medicines. Hair Transplant removes tiny plugs from the area of hair loss and place new hair in the balding areas. However, there is always a small danger of catching infection. The method is expensive, scarring and consists on multiple session. Specialists do not recommend suturing hair pieces to the scalp as it can cause abscess and infection.

The primary male Pattern Baldness genetics is X chromosome that male gender inherits though his mother. People get genes from their parents and It is the most common reason behind baldness.  The researchers have found that men inherit it from their father and women from their mother.

Male Pattern Baldness in women is the result of many factors. Change in androgens which are a male hormone, ageing, family history, breaking of hair, and skin disease. Autoimmune disease, hormone problems, least amount of iron and vitamin B, chemotherapy, patchy hair loss,  syphilis, and temporary shedding of hair after illness are main causes behind it. Pregnancy and surgery also cause hair loss, but the good thing is that women get new hair after recovery.

Following are the six male Pattern Baldness stages.

Stage 1: There is no kind of hair loss in this stage. The stage is known as adolescent hairline found on upper brow crease.

Stage 2: Progression of adult hair-line is known as the second stage where a very mild hair loss happen above upper brow crease or frontal hairline.

Stage 3: The third stage is known as baldness.

Stage 4: It is the deepening downturn of hair loss in frontal head where sides of head cover with hair.

Stage 5: This stage is known as sever hair loss that shows hair as thinner and narrower space between hairs.

Stage 6: The stage includes empty scalp with a few strands. The remaining hair is mostly In the center of the head.
There are many male Pattern Baldness hairstyles such as short comb-over with temple fade. Most of the styles are short because of hair loss, but they still nice on head.

Male Pattern Baldness