Hair Transplant Procedure, Average cost, and Expectations

Do you experience hair loss? It is really embarrassing to lose a vital part of your body that makes you look beautiful. Losing hair is really painful for a person and can be cured by Hair Transplant. Your hair normally grows in groups of minimum 1 and maximum 4 hairs. The technique basically uses many methods to transplant hair on your body part which is facing continuous hair loss. Most of the surgeons offer Hair Transplant for Women. Mostly the methods used, the cost incurred and expectations of the customers are discussed briefly in this article.

Hair Transplant Procedure

The results of Hair Transplant Surgery are pretty productive. The procedure starts with the proper evaluation of your scalp that which kind of treatment will be beneficial for your skin type. Intake of any type of smoking or alcohol may cause infection or wounds, which is cured by prescribing antibiotics. Then the harvesting method is used. There are many further categories in harvesting including follicular unit extraction and strip harvesting. Robotic hair restoration is also a method in which robotics and cameras are used by surgeons for assistance in the surgery. Taking proper care after the treatment is necessary to have effective Hair Transplant Results.

Average cost of treatment

The costs you have to pay for having a hair transplant surgery are not only monetary but also include the non-monetary risks you face after having a hair transplant. Some of the organizations also offer insurance included in your package. Mostly the cost incurred ranges from $5,000 to almost $15,000. The prices can also exceed this limit depending on the level of services and facilities provided by the surgeon. Hair Transplant Cost in monetary terms is not much in comparison to the effects you suffer from. The risks include the inflammation in the area of transplant. The new hair may start looking artificial or unnatural because of certain scars. You may have to bleed and for that taking a full course of antibiotics is effective.

Average cost of treatment

Expectations of patients

The scalp of the person being treated may become tender after the operation. Proper care should be taken in order to get the maximum output of your effort. The hairs transplanted will start to fall after some days but you do not have to worry in that case. There will be the growth of new hair in some days. There are also some hair growth drugs prescribed by the surgeons to stimulate the effect. The differences in Hair Transplant before and after are pretty obvious. You will notice a great change.

Side Effects

The effects you face after having a hair transplant surgery are of routine. You will notice thinning of hair because of treatments. Other Hair Transplant side effects include hair loss in starting days and hiccups are also observed in most patients after the operation. You have to bear some of the negative effects in order to have a better look than before. Schedule proper visits with your doctor to avoid the risks and taking best options possible.