Hair Restoration Solution

Hair loss has a significant effect on your personality. It will not only affect your personal appearance but in your family, it will also affect your confidence level and your self-esteem. Many hair clinics are now providing hair restoration solution for both men and women. The thing is that restoration solutions for men and women are not same.

Fixing the Hair Loss                    

Hair expert suggests many treatments or hair restoration. It can be done through proper nutrition, hair restoration shampoos, laser therapies, and hair restoration surgery. Whenever you are noticing the hair are getting thin and the hairline is getting very prominent then there is a need to consult any hair restoration network. You can also adopt any of the above-mentioned methods. Don’t try to put a hat to hide the bald spot on your head you just need to take necessary action before it is too late. It is really very difficult to decide which method you have to adopt.

Hair Restoration Solution

Hair Restoration Shampoo

There are many solutions that are used to treat hair loss and restore them back as normal. Hair centers use stem cells to grow your hair again like before. There are many hair shampoos available in the market that can be used for hair restoration. Some doctors say that there is no shampoo that can treat the baldness. But many shampoos are there to stop hair fall and they keep your scalp in a condition that the hair left behind are not get damaged anymore. Giving your hair proper nutrition both from outside and inside will make them healthier.

Hair Restoration Surgery

The best way to restore your lost hair is hair restoration surgery. With the introduction of new technologies women and men have more options. In this type of surgery, the doctors remove some hair from the back if your hair and they separate every graft under a strong microscope. After that, they plant these grafts on your head on naked area with small scratches. In this way, the planted hair grows again normal hair. Hair follicles are again placed in the head with special implantation pens. The placement angle is always 35 -40 degrees because hair is unable to grow at 90 degrees. The hair starts growing after three to four months and they get thickened after 10-11 months.

Ideal Conditions and Cost of Hair Restoration

The best results can be achieved by getting the stem cells from strong donor. His age can be between 24-56 years old also he can be male and female. The cost of the procedure varies from person to person and the area on which the implant has to be done. The normal cost of hair restoration process ranges from Rs 1, 00,000 to 250,000. The process leads to permanent hair restoration and your hair will remain with you for the rest of your life. The number of sessions required for hair transplantation depends on the type of hair fall. Some require one sitting while other requires two sitting.