Hair Implant: Facts You Need To Know

Being bald really bothers a lot, and to overcome this deficiency most of the people move towards the method of hair implant. These methods bring back your hair in the most amazing way just like they were always there. Do you know that the hair implant method uses your own hair to fill the bald places? Yes, it’s true. The old hairs from your body are used and then they grow on the new place in Hair Implants. To know other facts that you should definitely know about hair transplant if you are going to make a decision about having this surgery are described here.


There is a wide variety of processes that are carried out to implant this procedure. Most common of these is FUT method. In this method, a strip is embedded that is taken from your body part rich in hair. It is most commonly used because of the less cost incurred in this method. Another method is FUE hair transplant but it is much expensive and is less painful. In FUT there is a scar left behind while FUE has no scar left after the surgery.

Permanent way out for your baldness

It keeps you away from the tension of temporary issues and cares you have to do in normal methods. It is the permanent solution that can be achieved by doing a little effort. Actually, your own hairs are transplanted and then they grow at the new place, that is why it is long lasting and do not have many side effects other than the surgical after comes.


You should know that it is not the right solution for every situation. There are some situations where the damage is really severe that it cannot be cured by using this method. Your surgeon should be skilled enough to determine the level of damage and take the right measures according to the situation. In some cases, the hair implant is the permanent solution for your baldness and result in the rich amount of hairs.


The Hair Implants cost differs in various types of treatments. Mostly, the cost depends on the amount of hairs being implanted and the number of sessions you have. The type of treatment you are getting also has a great effect. If you are getting FUE method it is more costly as compared to other methods.

Side effects

It is not natural growth of hair from the place; you are adding something at the place, so you have to suffer some types of side effects. In some cases there is a blood loss at the place of the incision, you may also have to bear inflammation and pain in the area. Taking antibiotics and another necessary medication is necessary after getting the surgery. You have to take complete care till some months after the surgery to have right results.

These are the necessary facts that you should know if you are going to have a hair transplant, they will help a lot to have healthy hair growth at bald areas.

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