FUE Hair Transplant

Among all the other modern techniques for hair transplants, FUE Hair Transplant is a widely used technique these days. In this method the extraction of hair follicles takes place. In the old methods of strip harvesting, there were many side effects that can be overcome by using this technique. There are multiple benefits and side effects of this procedure and we will tell you briefly about them for making the decision making easier for you.

FUE Methodology

FUE is basically Follicular Unit Extraction method. In this method, a small punch is exploited to have some follicular hairs. After that, the hair follicles are implanted in the bald area of the person without making any incision or scar. This method is much less painful and FUE Hair Transplant results after 3 months are really effective in terms of growth. The method is time-consuming but has great results. The hair is removed from the donor area directly and then implanted at the new place.

Benefits of FUE Hair Transplant

The most effective advantage of using this technique is that there is no need of stitches. This will make you away from the scar on the place of incision resulting in the removal of all after effects. Because of no stitches, there is much less bleeding caused due to this process. The quick healing after this method causes much less pain for the patient. With the benefit of less pain, the results of FUE hair transplant before and after are much effective. The doctor is allowed to take some selected follicles of his own choice.

Disadvantage of FUE Hair Transplant

Although it is an advanced method and it is much more developed than the traditional method of hair transplant, but t has certain disadvantages. FUE Hair Transplant side effects include the multiple sessions you have to attend to make this technique work. This technique is not mastered by most of the surgeons so finding an expert surgeon is necessary so that you can save your money, time and get right results at the end. The time needed for this method during processing is much more than usual.

Developments and Recognition

This method is considered to be most popular in its field these days. Internationally it is highly regarded and recommended. It is much advanced as compared to traditional strip method and causes less pain. The scars are not left after the surgery. The FUE Hair Transplant cost is higher as compared to the older methods but the results are much effective. You should pay two to three times more than the other methods depending on the level of services you are getting.

With all the wide level of benefits offered by FUE Hair Transplant, it is being much popular and widely appreciated among the people worldwide. Although there is some disadvantage it has but the benefits overstate all the cons. The FUE Hair Transplant Reviews are really positive. If you can afford this procedure it is the best to avoid pain and other serious side effects.

FUE Hair Transplant