Some Causes and Remedies to treat Dry Hair

Everybody dream to have silky and smooth hair just like the model in a shampoo advertisement. Nobody wants to have dry hair at all. You can simply avoid dry hair if you understand the root causes of dry hair. In this way, you will be able to do the necessary actions that can restore your dry hair into smooth hair.

Some Common Causes of Dry Hair

The major cause of dry hair is that the scalp is unable to make enough moisture necessary for your hair. It serves as the natural lubrication for your hair and makes your hair shine. It also causes the scalp to peel and left dandruff on your shoulders. In most case hair are not able to make oil enough for them. This is the major cause of dry hair. Sometimes the protective layer of the hair called Cuticle is not strong enough to hold the moisture that is produced by the scalp. The oils immediately escape from hair and cause dry hair.

Dry Hair

Some More Causes of Dry Hair

Many other factors also contribute to dry hair. Washing your hair rapidly and using low-quality dry hair shampoo will wash the natural oil of the scalp making it dry. Blow dry is another main cause of dry hair and we also apply many alcohol based styling product on our hair which makes them dry. Sometimes you treat your hair with chemicals like perming, and dye. These entire things damage the protective layer of hair and cause dryness.

Treatment of Dry Hair                      

There are many products available in the market to treat your dry hair but having some home remedies would be more beneficial. Taking good care of your hair and eating good and healthy food is necessary for your hair. Many kitchen products have the ability to restore the stunning shine and health of your hair.

Olive Oil and Dry Hair

Using olive oil for dry hair is an old technique and has been in use since years. Olive oil is rich in antioxidants and Vitamin E which is advantageous for the scalp as well as for the protective layer called cuticle. You can use it to restore the moisture and shine of your hair. It will make them stronger too. Just take some olive oil in a cup enough to apply completely on your hair and make it little warm in the microwave. Massage your hair gently with your finger pores for about 10 minutes. After that cover them with a warm towel. Finally, wash them with a good dry hair shampoo. You can also use jojoba oil, corn oil, coconut and almond oil for this purpose.

Mayonnaise to Treat Dry Hair

If you want to treat your dry hair at home then MAYONNAISE is the best option. The high amount of protein present in it will make your hair shiny and silky soft. For this purpose take full-fat mayonnaise and massage it in your little damp hair with your fingers. Leave it covered with a plastic cap for an hour and wash your hair with lukewarm water