What is the Alopecia Areata?

The Alopecia Areata is a disease which results in the hair loss, and is rapidly increasing among both the males and females. The sudden hair loss usually occurs on the scalp, but other parts of the body with hair can also be affected. One of the most common Alopecia causes is when the immune system of a person mistakenly targets the hair follicles instead of the actual target. In this way, the growth of hair stops, either for the short run or maybe for permanent at times. The other causes can be linked to the family history; any person with a family history in Alopecia Areata is more likely to suffer from it. It is most common in the youngsters, who are under the age of 20, but still anyone can suffer from it.

Alopecia Areata Symptoms

The Alopecia Areata Symptoms include a sudden hair loss, forming small bald patches on the scalp. The person suffering from this disease can often notice some fallen out hair on his or her pillow or maybe in the shower. Though, this symptom can vary from person to person. Some of the people often end up losing all the hair on their scalp, this type is known as the Alopecia Totalis, whereas, some people lose all the hair on the entire body and this type is known as the Alopecia Universalis. Some of the other symptoms of this disease include weak and rough nails and itchy scalp. The same symptoms and causes, discussed above are the same as of Alopecia Areata in children.

Alopecia Areata Symptoms

The Alopecia Areata Cure

There is as such no particular Alopecia Areata Treatment introduced by the doctors and dermatologists, this is because they actual cause of this disease is still unknown. The doctors suggest their patients some way, through which they can try to increase the growth of hair with the use of Corticosteroids creams. This drug can either be injected in the body or can also be taken orally, the results however are not guaranteed at all. The minoxidil (Rogaine) is another treatment suggested by the doctor, it works the same as the other one. Both of these treatments cannot prevent the baldness to start again.

On the other hand, there are some Alopecia Areata Natural Treatments, but none of them provide the guaranteed results.

Aloe Vera is a wonder plant, therefore, the dermatologists are trying to find some powerful and guaranteed cure its help. People who suffer from Alopecia Areata, use Aloe Vera gel and rubs it on their scalp. This does help in stimulating the growth of some hair follicles, but the problem can reappear any time.

The scalp’s massage with the Jojoba oil can also prove to be beneficial for at least some time. Then, the massage with onion juice can also help in minimizing the consequences as the onion is said to be a useful ingredient, when it comes to the treatment of hair fall.

As said above, there is no definite treatment for the Alopecia Areata and doctors are still trying to find a reliable solution, till then, one can try some natural remedies to minimize it.